A Better way to practice medicine

We believe that doctors should know their patients as people, not as numbers on a chart. Our goal is to treat patients the same way we would treat our friends and family.  

Your membership includes lab work through the world-renown Cleveland Clinic, with cutting-edge cardiac markers and screening blood tests not covered by Medicare or commercial insurance.  You will also have screening exams that test your heart and lung function, screening of your vision and hearing, tests that look for peripheral artery disease, and a comprehensive physical examination.  There is no other practice or program in the area that is more thorough in evaluating your health.

We have limited our practice size to 350 patients each, and only see 8-10 patients a day.  Traditional practices have up to 2,500 patients and see 25-40 patients a day.   In our practice you will get plenty of time with your doctor at your visit— 60 minutes or more for your annual physical exam, and 30 minutes for routine follow-up.  We guarantee same day or next day appointments.  You’ll always be seen by your doctor, and never another provider.

You will have direct contact with your doctor through secure, HIPAA-compliant email.   You’ll also have your doctor’s cell phone number for after-hours emergencies.

We will see your children 26-years-old or under and any visiting ill relatives for no additional charge.

The annual membership fee is $1,650 and includes all the above testing and benefits.  It can be paid annually, biannually or quarterly.   We accept checks for payment in full, or can automatically bill your credit card for your convenience.  

Becoming part of our practice represents an investment in your health and your life.  We will be your partner in helping you maintain your optimal health.   

If this sounds like the healthcare you are looking for, click the link below to schedule a no-obligation meet-and-greet visit with one of the doctors.  We look forward to meeting you!


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What you should know about nurse practitioners

With an estimated shortage of 40,000 primary care physicians in the U.S., nurse practitioners have had an increasingly noticeable presence in patient care.  They are used extensively in primary care offices and large group practices due to physician shortages, and because they are less expensive labor.  The link below outlines the differences in the education and training between family physicians and nurse practitioners.  It is something you should consider when deciding who to have as your primary care provider.

Education and Training differences between Physicians and NPs